About Us

Saddles World was founded on the basis that we will help provide all horse lovers around the world with best quality tack at affordable prices. Equestrian Shows and Events have been on the rise and the horse loving community is growing but the tack and training is getting expensive  along with the horse. There are many renowned brands which sell Tack and equestrian gear but the quality of the tack which is handmade and uses Grade A leather is still rare , Most companies spend time and money creating brand and marketing but do not spend time and money in creating quality products. We at Saddles World Strive to change that and give the control for tack back to horse lovers. We produce customized tack ,Horse Summer Rugs, Nylon Halters, Horse Nylon Halters, PP Halters, Horse Turnout Rain Sheets, Horse Stable Blankets English Leather Saddles,  Horse  Accessories and breeches. Since  our  inception,  we  have  been  manufacturing and sourcing   high  quality  products  from most renowned market vendors, keeping in mind all the prevailing industry standards.We work on word of mouth and keep low on marketing dollars and pass those benefits to our customers. We would appreciate if you can help spread our name and create a better equestrian community and help others enjoy our products.


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